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Adaptation is a crucial element of responding to our interconnected crises, and ensuring the resilience of our people and systems. But it is often much harder to prioritise and put into action than mitigation, for various reasons. The Climate Adaptation Community of Practice is open to all organisations across the UK that are working to develop their understanding of and engagement with adaptation. We welcome expert speakers and collectively discuss how to implement the latest information into how we work individually and together. Previous meetings have focused on adaptation funding, and the impact of heat.



The CoP acts a learning network and an action network, providing a space for peer-support, the exchange of information, and increased co-ordination around a consistent approach to understanding, communicating and implementing climate adaptation measures.



The CoP is open to any organisation across the UK interested in improving their work on adaptation. To request to join, please use the button below, and upcoming meetings can be found on our events calendar.

Links and Resources

March 2024

Prof Sarah Lindley’s slides on Just Adaptation – download here.

Mentimeter results on perspectives on social justice and adaptation – download here.

February 2024

Prof Neil Adger’s slides on ‘Measuring well-being outcomes of adaptation actions’ – download here.

Recording of the presentation – view here.

January 2024

Mentimeter results on how the adaptation landscape is changing – download here.

Peter’s slides on Positive Tipping Points – download here (as PPT) or here (as PDF).

November 2023

Behaviour Change

Mentimeter results on Behaviour Change – download here.

Coproducing flood risk knowledge: redistributing expertise in critical `participatory modelling’ – download here.

Promoting adaptation to changing coasts – Model for Engagement work package – Summary of Model Output – download here.

Communicating Data

Mentimeter results on Health Impact Assessments and communicating data – download here.

Introduction to Health Impact Assessments, presentation by Nerys Edmonds – download here.

Climate Change and Health Impact Assessments, presentation by Nerys Edmonds – download here.

Health in climate adaptation, presentation by Nerys Edmonds – download here.

October 2023

Mentimeter results on the benefits and challenges of systems thinking – download here.

‘Systems Games for Tipping Points and Adaptation CoP by Robin de Carteret notes links and further reading – download here.

July 2023

Slides on communication and vulnerabilities – download here.

Mentimeter results on communication and vulnerabilities – download here.

Notes and links from the Zoom chat – download here.

May 2023

Presentation on migration and relocation from Dr Ben Hudson – download here.

Mentimeter results on perspectives on migration – download here.

March 2023

Presentation from Ben Tongue: Learning to manage climate risk for complex services – download here.

Mentimeter results on risks and interdependencies – download here.

January 2023

Video of case studies –

Presentation on Bude Climate Partnership – download here.

Presentation on TalX – download here.

Talx website –

Talx Climate Adaptation Partnership Framework –

Presentation on Lancaster City Council – download here.

Mentimeter results on obtaining buy-in for Adaptation actions – download here.

Mentimeter results on LCAT as a tool for getting buy-in – download here.

LCAT introductory slides – download here.

October 2022

Presentation on the Climate Change Adaptation Team’s work in UKHSA – download here.

Mentimeter results on heat impacts, risks, assumptions and need – download here.

UKHSA heat mortality reports:

June 2022

Presentation on funding for adaptation from Abundance Investment – download here.

Notes from a talk on adaptation funding from Impatience Earth – download here.

Slides from the Adaptation funding meeting – download here.

Mentimeter results on adaptation funding, including requirements and barriers – download here.

April 2022

Presentation from the first CoP meeting, including a breakdown of the Local Climate Adaptation Tool (LCAT) project – download here.

More details on LCAT:

Presentation from Adaptation Scotland on their adaptation programmes – download here.

Adaptation Scotland’s resources and information:

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