Doughnut Economics Community of Practice

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Doughnut Economics is rapidly gaining momentum across the world, with governments, businesses, communities and more exploring how to apply the principles in practice. The work of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab has created a wealth of resources and support for operationalising the model, and encouraging practitioners to learn from each other.

A key barrier has been identified by many organisations hoping to bring Doughnut Economics into their work and mission – how to secure internal buy-in for the transformation required?

This Community of Practice will explore this question, learning from those who have started the process, and sharing good practice and peer support.

Want to join?

The CoP will be open to any group, organisation and individual facing this same challenge. We will aim to meet approximately every two months, and will meet online via Zoom. Meetings will be in English, and during working hours for UTC/UK time, but members from all across the world are very welcome.

Our first meeting is scheduled for 20 July 2023. If you are interested in joining, please let us know by emailing Peter at

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