Our vision of how we aim to create the impact that the network has been designed to achieve.

Increasing access to environmental and climate research

The Green Futures Network exists to increase access to, and the impact of, the University of Exeter’s environmental and climate research, resources, and collaboration opportunities. It aims to remove barriers to accessing, engaging with, and informing academic work, particularly for organisations and individuals who can make use it on the ground in their efforts to respond to the climate and ecological crises.

We aim to do this in four ways:

Bringing knowledge out of the University

For information to be useful, it should be accessible and understandable. The Green Futures Network aims to take new and existing research and then translate it for different audiences and testing it in different contexts. This way more people can use the knowledge, and the University can learn more about what is useful to organisations taking action.

Linking information and imagination

New and important ideas can be limited by the way they are shared, not everyone has the time or desire to read academic reports. The Green Futures Network aims to bring research to life, and create engaging and interactive mechanisms for new audiences to find value and relevance that can lead to real impact.

Facilitating new connections

Existing ideas can take on new forms, and reach further, when they are explored collaboratively. The Green Futures Network aims to hold spaces where new connections can be made and new opportunities can emerge.

Developing strong networks

Networks can move information extremely quickly, and increase access to a huge number of people through carefully cultivated connections across geography, sector, and perspective. The Green Futures Network aims to build a thriving network which shares new ways to approach our shared challenges.

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