About the Green Futures Network

Who we are, what we do, and how it works

The Green Futures Network exists to make the University of Exeter’s environment and climate work more accessible to more people. Our research and resources, developed across multiple centres and institutes focused on disciplines ranging from artificial intelligence to creative writing, is already having extensive impact with our diverse partners, from national governments and corporations to community groups and SMEs. But the potential impact is far greater, and the network is also a way to generate continuous feedback loops inside and outside the University in order to identify, explore and respond to the many emergent and complex challenges we are all facing.


Contact us

Networks thrive on feedback. Get in touch to ask questions, suggest ideas, or let us know what you think.


Read about our Steering Group and how the strategic direction for the network is developed.

Theory of Change

Our vision of how we aim to create the impact that the network has been designed to achieve.
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