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All organisations are welcome to join the Green Futures Network, from community groups and local councils to businesses, institutions, and charities.

Some of our focus will be on specific geographic areas, such as the South West of England, or the UK, but much is relevant across the world, so members are welcome from anywhere.

Members are welcome to be as active as they want to be within the network. Some may choose to simply receive information and resources, and some may have the capacity to be more involved. This could include organising events, shaping the network strategy, or co-creating new collaborative projects.


Joining the network is obligation-free. Members will have access to the following benefits:

  • Newsletters (roughly every two months) with updates on the latest events, research, resources, and opportunities.
  • Occasional briefing papers, summarising useful recent developments in policy or research.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the strategic direction of the network, including the chance to join the Green Futures Network Steering Group.
  • Share your events and opportunities to the rest of the network, through the website and newsletter.
  • Advance notice of network events.

Communities of Practice

The Green Futures Network is made up of many smaller networks, some of which form as Communities of Practice. These are learning networks, where organisations come together to collectively explore a common challenge.

If you would like to join any of the Communities of Practice, or to recommend the forming of a new one, please contact Peter at

Climate Adaptation

Adaptation is a crucial element of responding to our interconnected crises, and ensuring the resilience of our people and systems. But it is often much harder to prioritise and put into action than mitigation, for various reasons. The Climate Adaptation Community of Practice is open to all organisations across the UK that are working to develop their understanding of and engagement with adaptation. We welcome expert speakers and collectively discuss how to implement the latest information into how we work individually and together. Previous meetings have focused on adaptation funding, and the impact of heat.

Find out more, including how to join and shared resources, here.

Scope 3 Carbon Accounting

Many organisations have developed methods to measure their Scope 1 and 2 emissions, but Scope 3 (emissions from things we do not own, or those in our value chain) is much harder. This Community of Practice is for organisations across the South West of the UK, as we work to find opportunities for consistency in how we understand and measure our Scope 3 carbon emissions.

Find out more, including how to join and shared resources, here.

Doughnut Economics

Doughnut Economics is rapidly gaining momentum across the world, with governments, businesses, communities and more exploring how to apply the principles in practice. A key barrier has been identified by many organisations hoping to bring Doughnut Economics into their work and mission – how to secure internal buy-in for the transformation required? This Community of Practice will explore this question, learning from those who have started the process, and sharing good practice and peer support.

Find out more, including how to join and shared resources, here.

Positive Tipping Points

The Positive Tipping Points Community of Practice is a year-long facilitated process for representatives from organisations, groups or networks interested in applying the tipping points framework to their work. This could include strategy development, impact measurement, or any other application.

Unlike the others, this CoP is closed. Find out more and register interest for future CoPs here.

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