Sustainable Shrimp Production in the UK

The UK Sustainable King Prawn Project is a new research project, designed to unlock the true potential of sustainable shrimp production in the UK using renewable energy technology.

Space Mining: Out of this world hype?

Off Earth Extraction illustration

The hype around mining in space, or off-earth extraction, is out of this world! The opportunities seem limitless, with new technologies promising innovation, and charismatic celebrities leading the way. Our existing planetary problems start to feel less urgent, but why?

Future Forecasting: The next 10 years

To mark its first decade, the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute brought together a diverse group to share their perspectives on 10 potential scenarios, from artificial intelligence to climate mitigation.

Domesticating Rewilding

Rewilding graphic

Why are so many rewilding projects in England avoiding ‘the R word,’ and what can it tell us about a unique form of English rewilding that is emerging?

Skateboarding in the Anthropocene

Green and blue leisure are well known, but what about grey leisure? What can skateboarding tell us about the way that urban spaces contribute to urban and human wellbeing?

Positive Tipping Points in Practice

Positive Tipping Points in Practice

Following the Global Tipping Points Conference in September 2022, the Green Futures Network organised a series of workshops to share, explore and test the positive tipping points framework.

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