Green Consultants

Green Consultants offers employers the opportunity to work with inspired University of Exeter students, keen to start their careers in the environmental and sustainability sector. This industry-recognised, award-winning training programme prepares our students for the workplace through a combination experiential learning alongside knowledge application on real business projects for the University

The interactive programme comprises of 3 key elements:

  1. Training: Technical and employability training 
  2. On Campus Business Project: Students lead and deliver on live sustainability or environmental themed business projects at our campuses.
  3. Internship: Working with or within organisations utilising the skills they have developed during the training and their University studies. 

The internship role will ideally take place in the workplace, but with the option for it still to be remote working if this still needs to happen. It will be fully-funded by the University and the student’s wages will be paid through our payroll system, so employed by the University and officially seconded to your organisation. The internships will be for 35 hours. The students may available for full-time, part-time, or vacation work with some flexibility to be allowed for university commitments.

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