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May 21, 2024

Exeter Doughnut Economics Gathering

Join others from Exeter and beyond to explore how Doughnut Economics is transforming people and places, and what it could mean for you.
Exeter Doughnut Economics Gathering

Join us in Exeter for a collaborative event open to all!

Hosted by the Exeter Doughnut group over two days, and across a variety of central locations, the Exeter Doughnut Economics Gathering will bring together individuals, communities, businesses, local governments, and more.

Supported by DEAL, the Doughnut Economics Action Lab, we will share stories and ideas, explore opportunities and frustrations, and learn from each other as we discover more about the transformative potential of the Doughnut Economics model.

What to expect

Full session details will follow soon (and we are always open to ideas so please get in touch!), but you can expect participatory workshops, facilitated discussions, plenty of time to connect with others, and a keynote talk from Kate Raworth to close the event.

We are coming together with the idea that it’s only in the hands of practitioners that we can really learn what Doughnut Economics can do. We want to speak to what we don’t know, to help build momentum for transformation, and to focus on people, places, and possibility.

Who it’s for

This is for everyone, but we anticipate that we will have a mix of:

  • The Advocates – existing practitioners of Doughnut Economics
  • The Curious – those who have heard about the idea, but want to discover more
  • The Unfamiliar – some will never have heard about Doughnut Economics before, and that’s absolutely fine!

We’re coming together to talk about positive change, using the Doughnut as a shared language that we can play with together.

Get your free ticket now and get it in your diary!

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